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"As newborn babes, long for the guileless milk of the word in order that by it you may grow unto salvation, If you have tasted that the Lord is good."

- 1 Peter 2:2-3

BIBLE Reading

To be spiritually healthy, we need to eat God's word daily.  As we digest and assimilate the word of God into the fiber of our being, He becomes our constitution.


Join us in our pursuit of the truth.

The saints in the CHURCH in EDISON are currently pursuing Ezekiel, a book in the Old Testament.  

The Bible reveals and testify Christ and when we come to the Bible, the written word of God, we touch the very Christ who manifest God, and we receive the life and elements of God. The Word, as the seed, has the divine life and God's element that we can partake. This seed has the ability to grow when we continually read the Bible and take God’s Word as our nourishment and spiritual grain (food). 

The Word brings us to maturity and growth through His life. And the Word as life becomes are light that enlighten and exposes us, correcting and adjusting us. As a hammer, it breaks away anything that is hard in us, and as a fire, it burns all the things we love that is not for God’s economy. The Word also has the power to terminate us in the cross by exposing our self, revealing to us what is our heart’s intentions and thoughts and causing us to discern what is of our soul and what is of our spirit. The Word also washes us from the filthiness of this world and the uncleanliness of our hearts.

The Word is for our enjoyment. God provides hope to us through His Word. When we are discouraged and are under trials, we can come to His Word which provides encouragement and endurance. The Word is also our medicine as revealed in the book of Job. 

We need the Word also to fight against Satan. The Word reveals that we can be victorious against Satan if we take the Spirit which is the Word of God as our sword. Not only can we overcome Satan, we can defeat and slay the enemy and the adversaries within us. 

Indeed, God made us fully complete by providing His Word as our life, for our maturity and growth, for our spiritual needs and for our daily enjoyment. All the functions in the Bible is to defeat the enemy and for Him to gain His people and to accomplish His eternal economy. May we come to the Bible everyday to receive all its wealth stored for us by God. How wonderful that we can obtain all these riches in the Bible!

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