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2017 Northeast Young People's Summer School of Truth

August 3-13, 2017

Knowing and Experiencing Life

There was a lot to enjoy during this SSOT but one thing I really enjoyed is that Christ can be so close and so real to us. The Lord is always walking with us and will never leave our side, because we are children of God and this relationship is eternal and unbreakable. This is very precious-- and because the Lord walks with us, we should walk with Him everywhere in our daily lives, not only during meetings. While we walk we should tell Him all; it can be something as simple as "thank you Lord for the trees!!" or "oh Lord, I really don't want to get out of bed”.  When we talk to Him we can grow more into Him. If you're feeling sad, tell Him! if you're feeling happy, tell Him too-- don't ever forget about Him. You can always talk to the Lord. He is our friend.

⁃ C.C.


I liked the meeting about we are all equal members of the church, like at home, we usually don't say anything in the meetings unless an adult makes us declare something. Usually it's the older ones that participate, but in that meeting, it made me open my eyes and i realized that anything that it doesn't matter how old we are or who we are, anything we say for the Lord will make Him happy. I also liked that God is the head of the body and we are all the other body parts. God needs each one of us to function. like if we didn't have a finger, it would be really hard to write and hold things. Overall I had a really fun time at SSOT and i'm really excited for next year!

⁃ S.W.


One of the meetings that touched me the most was brother Shepherd's speaking about how we are all "running the race" to fulfill God’s eternal purpose. We want the Lord to come back and he was saying about how we are the generation that will eventually bring the Lord back so we must not give our time to the things of the flesh, but instead spend more time with the Lord. In order to keep running, we need to read His Word, spend time with Him, and tell Him everything; we need to make the Bible our best friend and consecrate ourselves to the Lord.

⁃ B.V.

What I enjoyed at SSOT we need to drop all our things down to give all our space to the Lord.  Also, I learned that you have to breathe spiritually like this "Oh Lord Jesus" to get your spirit exercised.  

- S.C.

Praise the Lord for this year’s SSOT!  All ten days were so enjoyable and I really enjoyed these two messages that were given by brother Dennis.  The first message was about dealing with the world.  The world isn’t just the earth that we live on, the fallen human race, or the system created by Satan to usurp man.  Anything can become the world to us if they occupy our hearts more than the Lord.  This is not because of the things themselves, but because of the lust of our flesh and they are extremely dangerous since they can distract us from the Lord.  But, if we turn to the Lord, we will be able to see that the Lord is more attractive than anything of the world and He is far more enjoyable.  Another message that really struck me was about having a normal church life and seeing the vision of the church as the Body of Christ.  In the Bible, there are many instances of visions like with Jacob, Ezekiel, and John.  All of these visions showed what God is after - the church!  We also want to see a vision.  We need a vision to govern ourselves because without a vision, there will be no direction to our lives.  If we have a vision, it can control, direct, restrict, and perfect us.  A vision also affects any decisions that we make in our lives.  Thus, if we see the vision of the church, it can constrain and limit us to live a normal Christian life and a normal church life.

⁃ D.C.

2017 Northeast Young People's Spring Conference

April 13-16, 2017

God's Word and God's Move

Where the spirit is and there is the freedom. The time I spent in KPCC is so enjoyable and valuable that I felt it passed really fast and fulfilling. There was freedom when we sang the hymns; there was freedom when we listening God's word; and there was freedom when we first opened our eyes during the morning. God's word has given me the light and refresh me again and again. May we experience the wind which lead us to turn to God, the cloud which covers us to protect us, the fire which burns our natural self away, and the electrum which shines to have God as our essence more and more every day. May we all have the life of a man, a lion, an ox, a eagle and a lion. Amen glory to God!

- C.W.

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